March 2019 Update for the Council of Kindness Project

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The first use of the Council!

Carrie Evans is a therapist with an office in the same building as is the temporary spot for the Council. She asked if she could try out the space from time to time with come of her clients and I welcomed her in doing so. Last week I got the following text message from her after a session. She has approved this amended version of the text for distribution to you and to the website.

“I have to share some joy of using the Council of Kindness this morning as an alternative setting for my counseling practice. I invited a client with a long trauma history to meet with the animals. My intent was to provide some “Resourcing” against her sensations of trauma. She came into the room and found a giraffe, leaned up against her, looking up at her wonderful face. She stroked it and sat for about 3 minutes (while listening to some bilaterally mastered music specifically created for settling the nervous system). I checked in after this brief time not wanting to go too long if she was feeling unsafe. She looked at me with the softest expression and very calmly said, ‘I feel surrounded and full of love.’  To help her relearn this sensation of safety and a moment of peace will be a gift to her treatment. May the wonderful magic of your creatures continue to heal.  Just had to share.“

Carrie Evans, LCSW



Charlie Brennan, a staff writer for the Boulder Daily Camera, wrote a great article on the project for the February 16 issue. You can find the on-line version here:

Also, Barbara Hardt wrote an excellent article with photos in the Mountain-Ear:

These two links are also found in the “In the News” section of the Council of Kindness website.

These two articles and an open house that was held for 4 hours on Sunday, February 17 has gotten the word out and has been a good start to finding home for the Council.


Your Visit

While we search for a permanent spot for the Council of Kindness, you are invited to come visit with the animals by yourself or with friends. The Council is in Unit 108, one door east from Wild Bear Nature Center, in the Nederland shopping center close to the Carousel of Happiness.

There is a key to the space at the carousel. Just ask the person behind the store counter to give it to you. Here are a few things to know:

1)     If you want the water running under the dolphin, use the white remote control to turn it on. You will find the remote control on the small table next to the brochures and wing back chair. Be sure to turn it off before you leave.

2)     Please keep the area clean. You will see a small trash can in the bathroom.

3)     Turn off the lights before you leave.

4)     The door is hard to close completely. Give it a hard shove, maybe even slam it and then make sure the door latch is locked.

5)     Return the key to the carousel.

The carousel is open from 11 to 6 every day except Tuesday and Wednesday. I hope you enjoy the space and find it a relaxing place to spend time.


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