February 2019 Update for the Council of Kindness Project

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A new spot for the gang

After reconsidering the stairs up which we would have had to haul lots of heavy things, I decided that instead of placing the Council of Kindness in the upstairs portion of the local bank, we needed a more accessible location.

It is now assembled in one of the empty store spaces in the Nederland shopping center, and just a few doors down from the carousel. I plan to keep it here for two or three months while we look for a permanent home. Pete Dunnigan, Jason Bodnar, and John Callahan helped me move everything over there during the last two days of January. On February first, we had our first impromptu visit, a wedding party from Hawaii! I will attach a photo.

But of course, it was not built just for photo opportunities. We want it to serve in a place that can be a sanctuary for individuals who need a brief period of time away from the world, and perhaps from their troubles.


Now is the time for getting the word out to the public about the Council of Kindness and its need for a permanent or semi-permanent home. We will be trying to get some press about it but also selectively inviting people to visit who hold or manage real estate which might be conducive to the mission of these animals.

Council of Kindness Wedding EventA reception:

Hannah Tran, the council’s videographer, is coming on Saturday, February 9, to video the assembled council, and to hopefully interview its supporters. From 4 to 6 that afternoon you are invited to drop by for a small reception. Please bring friends, family, and kids are welcome! Our spot in the shopping center is one door east of the Wild Bear Nature Center, at 20 Lakeview Drive in Nederland CO 80466. You can just park in the main parking lot and find it easily next to the shopping center stairs.

I look forward to seeing you there!


We are fundraising for remaining material costs of creating the Council of Kindness. Also, we need to pay rent for the time that we are in the shopping center. You can make a tax-deductible donation to the Council of Kindness by going to our website and clicking the Contribute button at the bottom of each web page. I do not expect to continue this fundraising campaign for long, as most of the costs have been covered. But your donations are greatly appreciated. And thanks to those who have already donated!

Hope to see you soon!!   -Scott

John Callahan, sitting with the animals

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