This Asiatic black bear embodies strength and confidence. His spirit addresses adversity; taking action and displaying leadership. This wooden bear is made more real by representing the same qualities of Brandon, a young man who was a close friend to many including my son, Max Harrison, and myself. He helped construct the Carousel of Happiness building in Nederland Colorado. His is a hard loss to absorb for those of us who knew him.   – Scott

Brandon Bryk

Brandon Bryk, who was lost to us in October of 2016, was a bear of a man.

He will be remembered as a man who exemplified the spirit of the bear.

He was fiercely loyal and devoted to Family and friends.

Whether it was cooking for them, seeing them through hard times or enjoying the many activities that he shared with them, his greatest joy came from seeing others happy.

Brandon was a man who lived his life on his own terms, exemplifying his philosophy of “Live, Laugh, Love”, and he is missed greatly by many people.

LeAnn Faulkner ~ Brandon’s mother